Mission Statement

Western Vocational Association is a

non-discriminatory organisation, which promotes equal opportunities for people with a disability, within the wider community.

About WVA

Our History

Western Vocational Association Inc. was created in 1986 by a group of dedicated parents seeking employment support for their children who have a disability.


In 1991, the member for Maribyrnong, MHR Alan Griffiths announced government funding for Western Vocational Association Inc.  citing this organisation as the first of its kind in the Western Suburbs. 


This funding ensured that professional staff could be engaged to provide training and find jobs for people with a disability.


Current members and staff continue to support the ideals of the original group to assist people with disabilities to contribute to their communities via employment.


Trading as Jobs west, the organization has gone from strength to strength and we are now adding a new venture – Community Pathways.


This arm of Western Vocational Association Inc. will provide training in Life Skills and Transition to work, as well as leisure facilities.



Our Success

Since our beginning in 1986, Western Vocational Association, trading as Jobs West, has assisted over 2000 job seekers into the workforce.


The committee of Management, along with the staff, have steered the service through a range of challenges over the last two decades.


Our clients have secured employment across a wide range of industries, including: Retail & Wholesale, Horticulture, Hospitality, Tourism, Building, Engineering, Manufacturing & Processing, Administration and Information Technology.


We now hope to continue that success in our new venture Community Pathways and to this aim, have purchased land to create a new purpose-built facility.



Who are we?

We are a group of diverse people who have one thing in common and that is to assist people with a disability.


We adhere to the 6  Disability Standards and we receive funding from the Department of Family and Community Services , as well as other funding bodies.



What do we do?

We meet monthly (except December and January) as a Committee of Management.


We are the governing body of Jobs West and Community Pathways and apart from the normal duties of a committee, we have fun.


While we take what we do very seriously and are completely committed to our vision, we believe that friendliness, collaboration and a sense of humour helps us make a difference.